Finding Harmony in a World Filled with Dissonance

It’s no secret it is a tense time in world history. I don’t need to list anything for you to know what I’m talking about. With all the turmoil, it's more important than ever to find ways to reduce stress.

I’m sure at some point you’ve heard the mindfulness methods of

-Practice breathing

-Practice daily gratitude

-Turn OFF the news

-Limit social media time


These are all great things that I do everyday! I wanted to offer a little different approach to finding balance in a world of uncertainty and constant clashing. I want to offer ways to unlock your creativity and use music to express those pent up emotions. This summer I took a Music and Wellness certification course through Berklee online classes. It was one of the first steps in creating this community around mindfulness in music. The power of music is endless and it’s no secret

-Music relieves stress.

-Music recalls memories.

-Music gives us a moment of escape from reality.

Along with so many other benefits for our brains, health, and well being. It creates thriving communities. It promotes unity. It really is a universal language.

Integrating Music into Mental Health:

These are just a few exercises that unlock how music can help you through the dissonance and uncertainty of the world today. My hope is that these exercises will create a moment of escape and also encourage you to tap into your create side to improve your quality of life!

Sing and Dance it out

I’ll admit, this one was inspired by Grey’s Anatomy. Take your favorite song and sing and dance your heart out. Doing this releases Oxytocin, a feel good hormone. Doing this for 5-10 minutes will offer immediate (but not permanent) relief from feelings of anxiety and depression.

Create your own jingle

Jingles can be used as daily reminders. They’re your automatic go-to when things aren’t going how you’d like them. To create your own jingle choose a short, but meaningful phrase. Some examples you may use are “I love you”, “God’s in control”, “Go to sleep”, “I can do it”, etc… Once you have a phrase, free your mind and let the sounds that come to mind be the sounds of your jingle. Don’t force it. Keep it simple and really pay attention to your inner musician.

My Jingles

Body Scan with Music

The gist of a body scan is to start with your feet and slowly move up your body until you’re entirely relaxed. If you don’t like her music selection, choose your own song that invokes relaxation. One composer I ESPECIALLY like to do this with is the music of Yiruma!

This video does a good job of explaining and guiding you through a body scan with music.

Create playlists focused on different emotions/ memories

This is pretty self explanatory. I always suggest making playlists focusing on calm, reminiscence, childhood, and happiness. You can do this with any emotion. The point is to get you listening closely and mindfully to music and paying attention to how it really makes you feel.

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